By 岡本尚生


Ras Taro is a originally a trained classical guitarist who under his father’s tutelage has explored many musical genres and has performed many years as a live musician in different bands and ensembles.

​When Ras Taro first discovered reggae and dub, he describes the feeling as if he had been “struck by lightning”. He immediately fell deeply in love with the culture and the sound originally from Jamaica.

Now, Ras Taro is a reggae MC based in Manila. He often goes abroad to perform in countries such as Japan, Hong Kong (China), Vietnam, Cambodia,Thailand and had also toured in Europe with Red-I sound. He has won the annual ‘Bob Marley Song Writing Contest’ in Japan where he has also performed at several events.

Ras Taro has performed and collaborated with a long list of artists such as; Tippa Irie, RSD, Daddy Freedy, Brother Culture, Kode 9, DJ Shortkut, DJ Krush, DJ Baku, Kireek, Kuranaka 1945, Kojie(Mighty Crown), Part2style, Cian Fin, Asian Dub Foundation, Million Style, Mongus Hifi , Chali P and many more.

Ras Taro also works as an organizer of Ichiban Music Festival that is held twice a year in Manila. He can often be seen performing at prolific clubs in Manila including Black market and B-side’s "Irie Sunday". He is known for his ability to freestyle in a multitude of languages from Japanese, Spanish, English to Tagalog! Ras Taro is an MC who can truly make the crowd wind up their waist anyplace, anywhere, anytime! Since 2018 he released his first single on vinyl on Oto Records: ‘Natty Dread I Beat’ as a label co-founder and in Red I’s 2nd Album “For Sound Power”, he collaborated with the song “Moving”.